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My husband collapsed on the floor due to severe stomach pain. I am handicapped so I was unable to get him up off the floor. I pressed the button and Life Alert sent an ambulance. He immediately received treatment. The paramedics gave him medication for pain and nausea. He also received oxygen and even had blood drawn in the ambulance. By the time we reached the hospital, he was already seventy percent recovered.... We were back at home safe and sound in 3 hours. We got Life Alert several years ago, because I had a choking incident but this time, Life Alert saved my husband's life. Thank you, Life Alert.
S. D., Scottsboro, AL
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I fell on the patio and called Life Alert and they were there in a few minutes. Life Alert is good to have. I am over 95-years-old and if or when I fall I cannot get up on my own. Thank you all so much for your service.
A.E., Melbourne, FL
I was having trouble breathing. Went to my base unit, pressed my button on my [Life Alert] necklace… [The dispatcher] Immediately could determine I was having a problem and notified the ambulance and stayed on the line until they arrived and the paramedic confirmed they were taking me to the local ER.
M.K., Grass Valley, CA
Mom is 92-years-old and insists on continuing to live alone in her own house. We are only 7 minutes away. She wears her Life Alert all the time. Recently, she became suddenly sick and weak and had several minor falls. Life Alert was there for her and us.
A.P., Goldsboro, NC
I am the husband of [the subscriber] and I was the patient. Even though I was the patient, the dispatcher asked how [my wife] was doing. I was impressed by that. I had breathing difficulty and had been drinking for about a week. The dispatcher was very nice, even with me slurring my words. I thank you for your patience and help.
B.W., Toms River, NJ
The emergency was for me! Life Alert staff was overall very professional. They were detail oriented and were well composed throughout the time they were online. Aside from regular testing, I had to use Life Alert twice for an emergency. Both times, Life Alert staff were awesome! Thank you!
A.C., Trenton, SC
I was going to walk my treadmill and unfortunately the belt started going a little faster and I tried to hold on to the bars but I lost my grip and fell on top of the treadmill. I could not get up! Thank God for Life Alert. They came as quickly as possible and they were professional and courteous.
S.R., Youngstown, OH
I fell in the bathroom and hit my leg on the bath tub. I broke my left femur and was in extreme pain. Life Alert contacted the first aid squad and stayed with me until they arrived at which point, they signed off, but they were extremely calming to me. Thank God for Life Alert.
A.H., North Highlands, CA
My dad over-exerted outside and after climbing the flight of stairs to get into our house, he collapsed on the floor and couldn’t get up. Thought if he rested, he would be able to get himself up but he couldn’t. After trying for about 3 hours, he finally pushed the button for help – he has agreed he should have pushed it right away.
R.E., Fairlee, VT
Life Alert has proven to be absolute for me and my family this past year – my husband required an ambulance in March last year. I activated my Life Alert and everything was taken care of from there – including notifying our family. Again… I needed an ambulance due to a heart problem – I only had to activate my Life Alert!
P.S., Petal, MS
[Life Alert] responded very quickly, took vitals and recommended to go to the hospital because of fall. Had ambulance transport me to the hospital, stayed with me until I was safe at the hospital. Could not have asked for more from them! Super people!!
J.H., Albuquerque, NM
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"When you have a heart attack like I did, and no one is there, Life Alert was there for me."
S.P Covina,CA