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My husband collapsed on the floor due to severe stomach pain. I am handicapped so I was unable to get him up off the floor. I pressed the button and Life Alert sent an ambulance. He immediately received treatment. The paramedics gave him medication for pain and nausea. He also received oxygen and even had blood drawn in the ambulance. By the time we reached the hospital, he was already seventy percent recovered.... We were back at home safe and sound in 3 hours. We got Life Alert several years ago, because I had a choking incident but this time, Life Alert saved my husband's life. Thank you, Life Alert.
S. D., Scottsboro, AL
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I woke early and had difficulty moving my right leg as I walked to the bathroom, then pushed my [Life Alert] pendant. The ambulance and 2 men arrived immediately. They took me quickly and carefully to the hospital. They were concerned about a possible stroke. I was concerned about my leg. I am hugely grateful to be a part of your system!!
L.K., Northport, ME
My mom complained of pain in her foot from having rolled a wheelchair over it and asked to go to the hospital. I signaled Life Alert who [sent] emergency personnel who took her there. Life Alert monitored the situation and was generally very helpful and supportive.
E.H New Orleans, LA
The young lady that assisted me in getting help for my father was excellent. It kept me calm and level headed. I appreciate all of her help during this scary time. The service she provided was excellent and outstanding. Please thank her for my dad and me. Remarkable service.
C.G Memphis, TN
My oxygen concentrator quit working and I couldn’t get any oxygen. Pressed Life Alert and immediately got help and assurance that help was on its way. The operator talked to me to try to keep me calm. He was very good. After I received help and everyone left, Life Alert called back to make sure that I was ok, and I was.
C.G Simpsonville, SC
After surgery I was given bad pain meds, went home and had a bad reaction. Fell down and could not get up, legs gave out. Pushed button and got Life Alert representative. He stayed on the phone with me until EMTs came. Very good job, thank you.
J.R Savannah, GA
On Oct.10, 2017, I lost my balance as I was standing in front of the chest of drawers in my bedroom. I struck the back of my head as I fell and landed in a sitting position on the floor. I couldn’t get up without help. So I pressed my Life Alert pendant. While awaiting the ambulance’s arrival, the Life Alert person kept reassuring me of his presence via my telephone which I was able to reach for after my fall. The paramedics were able to enter my house using my code from Life Alert to unlock the outdoor lock box containing my house keys. The paramedics took me to the hospital’s ER because of my head injury. I was allowed to return home when the CT scan showed no serous injury to my head.
J.W., Kaneohe, HI
I had fallen and the woman who answered the call phoned my daughter and got help – police and 2 EMT’s and 3 in driveway. The woman stayed with us until she got an all ok from and EMT. Proved once more that Life Alert is great.
R.S., Middletown, NJ
Feb. 2017, I fell on the street in front of my house walking my granddaughter’s large dog. Dog pulled me down, broke arm and destroyed my shoulder. Pushed my [Life] Alert button when I forced myself up the driveway. Could hear Life Alert on monitor. They called EMT’s. Stayed with me until transported me to the hospital, called my son to come to pick up dog.
J.C., Antrim Township, PA
Due to various background experiences and my present health issues plus all the caution I am to maintain with stroke or heart attack, I panicked when my blood pressure remained unusually high. With a high heart rate, used my Life Alert button for the 1st time, and got a great helpful operator. All the necessary steps taken, and reassuring me till emergency medics were here with ambulance. Thank you!
R.P., Romance, AR
[My husband] was unable to walk and the home health nurse and I were unable to handle him. I called Life Alert for help. The ambulance came and they took him to the hospital. Thank you.
L.A., Savannah, MO
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"When you have a heart attack like I did, and no one is there, Life Alert was there for me."
S.P Covina,CA