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My husband collapsed on the floor due to severe stomach pain. I am handicapped so I was unable to get him up off the floor. I pressed the button and Life Alert sent an ambulance. He immediately received treatment. The paramedics gave him medication for pain and nausea. He also received oxygen and even had blood drawn in the ambulance. By the time we reached the hospital, he was already seventy percent recovered.... We were back at home safe and sound in 3 hours. We got Life Alert several years ago, because I had a choking incident but this time, Life Alert saved my husband's life. Thank you, Life Alert.
S. D., Scottsboro, AL
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In the last 18 months, I have used your service – which I am well pleased - four times, each time after a fall. Losing my balance, only one emergency room visit was needed, but no broken bones! Your staff remained with me until EMS arrived, keeping me calm.
M.A., Olmstead Falls, OH
Dad was in the restroom. I was checking on him and finishing up dishes when I once again went to check. As I walked through the den I heard a woman say, “Can you respond?” I asked why she called and she said someone was down in the house. Sure enough, Dad had fallen in the bathroom and was bleeding from both arms. Luckily, she had called the paramedics already. They already knew dad’s meds when entering the house.
J.C., Temple City, FL
I was experiencing a low blood sugar incident which was noticed by my niece. She hit the Life Alert button and a representative came on the line and contacted EMS. They stayed on the line with us until the EMS arrived. They also contacted my emergency contacts. And they called back later to check on us. Great Job!!
S.C., Apopka, FL
I had the EMTs show up at 5:a.m. I was sound asleep and heard nothing but I must have rolled on to the button. Both Life Alert and the EMTs were great. This happened again 10 days later but I heard the phone and Life Alert got the call cancelled and was great.
M.S., Cudjoe Key, FL
I fell in my home and could not get up so I pushed the button on my wrist band. Within a short amount of time someone from Life Alert was talking to me and an ambulance was on the way. Life Alert also contacted my children and they were at my home in 11 minutes.
R.G., Ogden, KS
Recently I suspected my mother was having a stroke. I called Life Alert. They responded quickly and stayed online with me until paramedics arrived. I am so glad I’ve gotten Life Alert for her home.
W.M., Grain Valley, MO
My mother fell and as soon as she pushed the bracelet we were alerted to her fall. She has had three falls since we got Life Alert, and got an immediate response to all three. Very great emergency service and I would recommend Life Alert to all who need it. The employees are very great and helpful. I am very glad we have Life Alert. Puts our minds at ease. Thank you for your service.
J.S., Lebanon, PA
Life Alert had been a “life saver” several times already. When my heart did not want to co-operate, they helped get me help quickly and in a very professional and timely manner. They notified my family members quickly and made it easier to get medical treatment when I needed it. Thank you, Life Alert team, for helping take care of me when I needed it most.
D.A., Kannapolis, NC
After summoning the Life Alert staff, we received on almost immediate response from a calm, courteous, efficient voice. The responder asked only a couple of questions and then relayed information to myself and medical responders in a matter of fact way that caused the medical responders to remark how efficient Life Alert personnel had been.
D.R., Suffolk, VA
My mother fell on her bedroom floor. She was not injured, but we were unable to help her up without injuring her. We called Life Alert and the paramedics arrived quickly. They helped her up and checked her carefully. The Life Alert agent kept in constant contact with us by phone through the entire ordeal, checking on her condition and keeping us informed. Thank you very much for providing this important service.
H.W., Pompano Beach, FL
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"When you have a heart attack like I did, and no one is there, Life Alert was there for me."
S.P Covina,CA